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Project_WaveBlast is a Wipeout & F-Zero inspired single player racing game made for the GMTK Game Jam 2020. It was fun to scramble to get this out in time, maybe I'll polish this up some more with more features and release it. The theme for the jam was Out of Control, and so I made a somewhat wonky physics based racer where the moment you collide with anything you lose all control and have to fight to regain it. To make matters worse, enemy racers are barely affected by your collisions, but when you hit them it may spell the end of your race. Use the jump to reorient yourself if you get stuck!


W / Right Trigger - Accelerate

S / Left Trigger - Reverse

A D / Left Analog Stick - Turn

Space / A / Left Bumper - Jump


Project_WaveBlast.zip 132 MB

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